welcome to the jungle in Leeds!

                                    Visit our secret escape in Leeds suburbia 

Garden Open for Charity 2018

 Sun 24th June, 12pm - 5pm

Sun 29th July, 11am - 5pm

What's in The Jungle Garden?

Multi-level suburban garden with jungle style planting areas and accents of hot tropical colour all connected by boardwalks and bark paths. Crown lifted trees create an overhead canopy. Walk underneath mad, huge Gunnera leaves, brush past bamboos - adventure, exploration. . . if Indiana Jones did it, you can too – right here in Leeds!

Two Ponds; small lower pond crossed by wooden walkway skimming the surface, whilst the upper pond with Koi Carp is overlooked from a raised deck and a sunken walkway gives closer views of the Koi. Elevated ‘Jungle Lodge’ with views over the garden. Raised walkway snakes through the branches giving different high level views over the garden.

The jungle paths are narrow and you have to brush plants out of the way to make progress. We have some steep steps and frequent changes in level and ask that visitors take care. Above all it’s a fun garden – we're not too serious about it all - there’s something to make you smile around each corner and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Want to visit? – please see here for dates and times. 

Gardening is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes, it is a triumph of hope over experience. - Marina Schinz


Who did all this?

Nick Wilson did just about everything here. Friends (who probably think me mad!) have helped me with the odd design idea & some carpentry. Thanks to all who have helped me realise a dream.

NGS Charity

We open under the NGS (National Gardens Scheme They are a great Charity and support Macmillan & Marie Curie amongst others - please visit us & help support them


What others say

We have had lots of visitors - and newspapers, magazines - even TV companies and commercial photographers who have spoken kindly of our jungle in suburbia 

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