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Inspiration - The seed of an idea for the ’Jungle’ garden style was borne out of a few holidays to Cornwall – we’d visited the lush, tropical looking gardens of Trebah, Trellisick and Glendurgan and I came away with the idea of trying to create something similar in Yorkshire! And just around the corner from us in Leeds is ‘Tropical World’ by Leeds City Council, which is all deckboard walkways, deep black Koi ponds and mad, huge jungly leaves.

A Gunnera Manicata was the first thing that was planted in the garden once I had decided on a ‘Jungle Garden’ design theme. The plant travelled back with us from a holiday in Cornwall in the early 90’s.



Visiting the jungle

The garden (& house) are now sold & won't be opening again. 

The planting is mainly hardy plants with an emphasis on foliage shape, colour, texture, contrast and size. The objective being to create the 'jungly' feel with easy care plants with the added injection of searing spots of colour in the summer months. The combination gives a jungly feel in the middle of suburbia!

Many gardeners plant summer bedding at the end of May – for our summer bedding we make use of colourful houseplants sometimes planted, sometimes plunged to give a tropical zing every now and then.

We don't have a greenhouse, so the really tender plants are pruned & potted for winter and live in the house over winter, being returned to the garden in May.

The paths are narrow so as to mimic the jungle feel you have to brush plants out of the way to make progress.  We have some steep steps and frequent changes in level and ask that visitors take care.

Above all it’s a fun garden – we're not too serious about it all -  there’s something to make you smile around each corner and I’ve managed to do all the work myself – so we hope you enjoy your visit - but please don’t be too critical of the joinery!

Need help ?

Do you need help with your own garden or maybe you have some suggestions which may help me ?

My garden is my hobby (and passion). Like any hobby I love to discuss it and enjoy helping others where time allows. I do provide a design service in the area and often help with similar projects.

If you would like to discuss your garden or have an odd palm, bamboo or in fact any large leafed plant that needs a good home then do please email me. I cannot guarantee an instant response but...email me !

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